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Give a minute….



hamda-6.jpghamda-4.jpghamda-4.jpghamda-3.jpgTo My dearest brothers and sisters…..

Give me a minute……


When a child  kisses the air of this beautiful world, leaving the warmth of the mothers’ womb

it brings bundles of hopes and happiness…..

The tears of joy in the eyes of the parents can not be measured but only treasured.

With rays of new hope and expectations proud parents carry their little bundle of joy……

but alas….

The happiness was shortlived…

The baby starts to turn blue and the Doctors say baby has a hole in the heart.

The sweet dreams are  shattered….

Parents are in tears ….this time with pain.

Nothing happens without the Knowledge of Allah The Almighty….

But the child merely 2 months old suffering between life and death and it has to undergo a surgery if it should live in this planet.

 Amount of money required is beyond the reach of parents…..

They ask all of us to lend them hands….

Lets help ….

no matter small or big….

it will bring a smile

a hope….

to a fragile life……

May Allah Reward all of you………..please be kind enough to forward this mail.

please see the attachements of medical reports etc.

As shiek A.S.M Hussain Deen(father of baby Hamda),

No 17,

Mosque Road,




Bank account number—-89-00-02-1658701 – 2 (Hatton National bank,Mawanella)

 So far they have recieved nothing and if you can be a part of this noble act  you will be rewarded much more in Jannah.

Childs father does not posses a mobile number…

Pls call my father Mr Yoosuf Ali  to Contect Mr Hussain Deen

0094 777412157

         Shameela Yoosuf Ali 

It`s never too late for anything in life….

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